June 7, 2009

Obama & Bull Market Has Begun – An unusual word from the Lord

Here are the clear and brief words the Lord spoke to me which I am heeding:

“I am upset my children are attacking my man, Obama. Do they not remember their own dark places and I healed them? Do they not remember their own false thoughts and I showed them My truth?

“Do not criticize Obama, but pray.

“The bull market has begun. The cow market is no longer. The bear market is no longer. Watch what I do.

“My grace is deep, my love is deep for the world. Yes, even Muslims I love as only I can draw them. As Obama, who loves my son, does love Muslims. I will draw them.

“Watch what I do in the markets. Watch what I do in your hearts if you will yield to my goodness! My ways are not your ways although you may know Me. If your prayer has no love what is your prayer? You cannot begin to see what I will do to right wrongs. You are blind. My prophets have hidden themselves in caves and see calamity. They see the black widows on the walls. I will right wrongs. I will resurrect. My prophets eyes will hurt in the light, but they will see vast spaces. I will bring them out of hiding in caves. Because my lovingkindness exceeds the dark depths of the seas and the black depths of the night skies. Because I love - because I alone love - will I do these things. I am Jesus, yes, the Father, and yes, the One Who walks amongst you, so My ways may be known on this earth. Watch how you pray, do you love?”

Update as of October 29, 2011:
The DOW closed just under 10,000 on the date of this prophecy.  It rose fairly steadily with normal corrections to 11,200 on April 26, 2010.