March 12, 2011

Japan Earthquake and California

I’ve had a heaviness ever since yesterday, and when I think about Japan the heaviness increases and I feel moved to prayer, to intercede that lives be saved, and that there be no nuclear disaster. Dear people on this far away island need our prayers and love.

I also tweeted last night, “I rarely read other prophets, but I encourage you to listen to Kim Clement re Japan's EQ:” I rarely read other prophets simply because I hear the Lord much better when I spend time alone with Him and don’t confuse my mind with many other prophecies, many which appear to conflict. I have great respect for Kim Clement and credit Him as the prophet the Lord drew me to in the late 1990’s to learn more about hearing the Lord accurately. So Kim is somewhat of a spiritual father, if you will, although he doesn’t know it. And I trust what I share on this blog will not discredit him in anyway. I simply want to give honor where it is due.

This said, I researched the prophecy Kim referred to above and here it is:

My spirit became as a magnet to this prophecy, drawn in an affinity to and agreement with it. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area. I see the committed Christians. And I live right in the Hayward fault zone.
I worked for a year at the USGS Office of Earthquake Studies researching earthquakes when I was an undergraduate. I know, as a geologist with training in geophysics, that “the big one” could hit the greater San Francisco Bay Area or Los Angeles area at any time. Most seismologists agree Japan, East Bay (Oakland, Hayward), San Francisco, and Los Angeles are a few of the prime areas for “the big one” earthquakes.

However, I’m in agreement with Kim that an increase in the Presence of God – not retribution – is coming to California. In fact, I don’t just believe, I am convinced this is true in the Spirit. Yes, we will have earthquakes throughout California. We will have some big shakers and likely a “big one” because earthquake science also points that way. But they will not be the all-consuming devastation others believe will happen in the coming few or several years. The Lord doesn’t want me to move, I’ve asked. He wants me to trust Him while I live in the Hayward fault zone – the one poised to pop even ahead of the San Andreas fault zone – and believe Him that He will protect many through the next “big one” when it comes.

Please know my heart aches for Japan and the devastation there. I oddly feel we Californians have escaped that devastation and will be spared similar devastation. Under the New Covenant, no state or government is so Christian that it invites collective, divine protection for its people. It is God alone who delivers and protects. In fact, the Bible shows over and over that prayers of the oppressed under intolerant or godless regimes reach the compassionate ears of God. Only the blood of Jesus Christ saves by washing away the sins of each individual believer as each person commits his or her life to Him. So I do not judge Japan or judge California. My heart aches for Japan and I pray for them.

I received the word below at about 10am this morning. The above was written several hours after this word.

“Samaria! Samaria! Oh, California, they call you, ‘Samaria’. Sodom and Gomorrah. They would rejoice in your demise and your being crushed to ashes. But I say to all the other states, to all the others, when you are without iniquity, when you are without murder, when you are without abortion, when you are without fornications, when you are without idolatries, when you are without theft, when you are without lying, when you are without double-mindedness, then, then can you cast a stone and crush the head of California. But until then, beware how you judge.”