April 8, 2012


I received this word the very end of March and was not going to post it because it was so unusual.  Because of the Dagon being toppled word which, after speaking with a friend today, may mean the Lord is bringing down some political systems or political agendas this year in America, I thought I would post.

“Soros, Soros, will you continue to lift your head above the Most High?  Will you break the back of fellow citizens and neighbors?  Will you break the spines of countries?  Are you so surprised money and intrigue could do such a thing?

“I have left wealth and power and position in your hands and what have you done?  Are you like a king who prospers My people?  No!  You are like the heartless who rule with an iron glove and butter smiles.  Repent!  Or your length of days will be cut short for the sake of My people.  I see their suffering from your whims and fantasies.  You are like the Wizard of Oz pulling pulleys behind the curtain.  Repent!  Or your days will be cut short by natural cause.  I say this so you know that I, the Lord, have spoken and not man.  Repent and see My Son and I will receive you after your length of days.  There is time for you to change your heart, but not much time if you do not change.”

April 7, 2012

Refining Fire & This Year

“Shake up! Shake up! I have said Dagon will fall this year. 

“There has been much that has raised its head against Me. Little gods set on pedestals. But they will topple and fall from their thrones of ‘infallibility’. Because they are not.

“Who can speak for Me? Could Job? Could his friends? Take care how you judge inside and outside what is Mine. Is not all Mine? I will perplex even the church. Those who think they know will be scratching their heads. Then they will see like my servant Job. Even you, Sierra. How muddy, muddy are the sights of the prophets. Don’t you realize Elijah saw more clearly in his cave? Or David in his caves? If you are not willing to take up your cross how can you see? But My yoke is light when I rest My yoke on your shoulders. Know what it means that it pleased Me for My Son to be crushed and bruised so you might find true life in Me. Separate yourself from worldliness and lusts and discover My ways because they are not your ways. Do I not purify like a refiner’s fire to separate the gold from the dross, the wheat from the chaff so that your joy in Me may be released and Me in you?

“You will see My Kingdom where all comes from Me, I rain on the righteous and unrighteous alike. Is my arm too short to save? Did Saul kick and kick and kick against Me until I revealed Myself to Him? Can I not save the greatest sinner? Or the lesser sinner? Those who do not know they need to be saved from their ways do not see My ways. They are muddy. So fire is a friend, a lamp that lights a path for your heart and burns up that which held you because you held it.

“You will marvel at what I topple, who I draw to Myself, for judgment begins in My house. I came and baptized with fire and how My fire is bright and hot! The church seeks My power of fire but its refinement shall be accomplished until I am in all and through all. Have you not read “all in all”? What is “all”? Is not “all” mine? Scratch your head. Or see like Job. 

“Rejoice you are in the fire and seeing gold shine through in you. I have called, and they shall be My people and I shall be their God. Fruit upon fruit upon fruit. My Son the first fruit. Other fruits bursting forth in Him. Then more fruit. Life upon life upon life. The world and all that was and is and is to come is Mine. Is there anything not Mine? Why do you scratch your head? Can I not burn away the dross and chaff and make gold and wheat in abundance? Have I not said it will be? Consider this.

“Let me tell you this Easter. You who are living sacrifices, who yield your bodies and hearts to Me will experience the wings of Easter. The dove of peace. I will rest like feathers on your shoulders. Your kiss and embrace will be soaked with kindness for the lost and hurting. You will be a balm to others, a soothing aroma. I will be your Father in a way that will bring sweet tears to your eyes. This will be one of your best years ever for My sake. Do not doubt these words. He who submits to fire and its purposes will reveal shining gold. My fire is ablaze. This will be one of the best years of your life because you have overcome the world and seek to overcome. You have let Me burn your dross, and more, and more. The world has not been able to hold onto you, although it will try again. So smile and be glad! Yes, I am your Good Father! And this is one of the best years of your life! Eat the feast! Drink the wine! And share with your neighbors!"

Most of today I have been meditating, studying and reading the Bible. After I received the above – over which I spent much time in prayer – I would like to share a related verse, Hebrews 9:14, which will paraphrase: The blood of Jesus Christ – the final, perfect and only High Priest – purifies our conscience from worldliness and vain activities so we may follow and serve the living God. It is the shed blood of Jesus, and His living Spirit poured out on us, that supernaturally cleanses and refines our consciences so we may live for Him and love.