January 26, 2020

Fear vs. Being Immersed in God’s Love

Fear is a horrible power over the human soul. Fear that God will be like our parents punishing us or withholding love that is so desperately needed by us. Fear God will leave us to fend for ourselves. Fear that makes our inner man bend over and cower and think life will remain hard. Fear is so horrible it actually separates us from the love of God. When we accept fear we reject the fullness of the love of God for us. But when we reject fear, we accept the fullness of the love of God for us. Almost all of our struggles and sins have a root in fear. Jesus took fear very very seriously and kept saying fear not fear not, He gives peace, fear not fear not, He gives peace.

I'm just now aware when Jesus wondered if there would be faith on earth it is not just faith in that God is God but faith in God being immensely loving and willing to answer our prayers that are in agreement with his loving and kind Person. There is so little faith on earth in God being immensely loving. There is so little, so little faith on earth in God being immensely loving.

Our greatest act of faith is to spend the time daily until we grow in the knowledge of God's love and goodness and facing it to see and experience His full love, such an immense fullness of love. Our daily walk is to reject fear and keep returning and seeing God for who He really is as expansively loving. It can't be half way, we can't just say, "oh yeah He's loving," no, we must actually accept and become immersed in that incredible love because in that process we are then changed into his likeness and become more loving ourselves and then do that to others. We can have far more love for others then.

Love covers a multitude of sin the Bible says. There is a reason why. It is why a little light can shine in deep darkness and illuminate it. A little true love of God can cover and melt away a multitude of sin. How much more a lot of love will transform not just you but the world around you?

The apostle John who kept saying he was the one who Jesus loved was the apostle of love. He couldn't get enough of God's' love. He walked in that love. Will there be such faith on earth? Those who are willing to have such faith in God's immense and limitless love will draw close to that love, immerse themselves in His love and, most importantly, allow themselves to be transformed in that love.

January 20, 2020

Trump with Sanders will unify America

I heard the words from the Lord in quotes below together with a vision similar to the words on January 20, 2020 in the late afternoon.  First I received the vision and spoke out what I was seeing to my friend with whom I had been praying and sharing with for about eight hours.  I started by taking authority over heavenly places which made me even more cautious and yielding to hear Him correctly through vision and words because I don't exercise authority in heavenly places unless clearly led there by Him.  Otherwise, without His leading and protective power, I could be presumptuous and even experience unnecessary spiritual warfare.  The first two paragraphs are what she wrote as I shared with her and prayed.  Then I stopped talking and starting writing the words from the Lord in quotes.

I take authority over heavenly places.  There is a war in the heavens over Bernie vs Joe.  This battle is about Bernie vs Joe.  God wants to reveal the heart of the socialists.  Prayer is that Bernie will be the choice as it will be between Bernie vs Trump - socialism vs capitalism.  Tyranny vs freedom.  Much at stake here.  Bernie and Trump could form an alliance of goodness.  It is the end days.   There will be a peace treaty.  Trump will give them concessions.  As part of the coalition, there will be some aspects of socialism.  There are some people that are so vulnerable and they need welfare.

He [the Lord] does more from opposites than echo chambers.

"Trump and Sanders, who will be the Democratic candidate if my people will pray, will unify most of America.  Trump will be wise enough to offer  Sanders a deal of working together as he offered Kim Jong-un.  Unlike Elizabeth Warren who betrayed Bernie in her pandering to women, Bernie, if you pray, will be wise enough to offer to create a coalition of opposites with Trump. A coalition is what Bibi Netanyahu knows how to finesse, eventually. There will be rebirth in what was opposites and broken and fractured. I will bring new life on the dead bones through Bernie and Trump.  Yes, I listed Bernie first because Trump will honor Bernie even though Bernie will not fully honor Trump. But Bernie will honor the deal with Trump.

There will be merciful socialism for the vulnerable, paths to prosperity for the able, and animosity from those with hands in the corrupt cookie jars.  As your dear friend said, you have been praying and sharing together eight hours, light will overcome darkness.  That is my supreme law. Love in truth will defeat the enemy because I am the Deliverer. As you have prayed so I have answered with a deliverance of America.  A great darkness, as your dear friend said, had come on the land.  Light has come through Trump and all his prayerful administration."

Nancy Pelosi

I heard the words from the Lord in quotes below on January 20, 2020 in the late afternoon with my friend with whom I had been praying and sharing with for about eight hours.  She wrote down the words as I spoke them.  Please know these words are her note-taking of what I was saying and may not capture everything I spoke exactly.  But it does capture the heart of what the Lord shared (I have added clarity in brackets.)  Also, I received this just before the words and vision about a Bernie Sanders and President Trump deal.

“Nancy Pelosi.  You think you are self-righteous.  You actually think you are doing right.  You do not know your feet have been snatched [in a snare, in a net].  The Lord promises He’ll get your feet out of the snare.  It will be painful, humbling, embarrassing but it is out of His love for you.  You could not see where you had gone.  You started with a heart of compassion.  You didn’t like the mafia background you came from.  You show your love in perplexing ways.  You have a problem with men, with your father.   Which is why you really hate Trump.  You don’t want to be humbled or like a little girl.  That is weak [to you].  But your people want Bernie, not your choice.  Trump is right, you are going to be exposed for what this was really all about.  Not Trump, but Bernie.  Her feet will get out of this nasty net.  Out of the web of AOC.”