May 9, 2010

New word about the DOW

Here is a word that came to me, flowing like a new song, last night, Saturday night, at about midnight:

“Child, 12 is the number of governance, the 12 apostles, the 12 tribes of Israel. On May 12 I will govern the DOW. The storm will be over. The sun will be out. You must be invested by May 12. Look for the DOW to dip again....

“Command the market, daughter. My sons and daughter have a right to command. Yes, I have told them to command. Only then shall the mountain move.

“A new mountain shall arise, the DOW, yes, is resilient because you, yes and others, command. It is my pleasure to answer. You think I won’t but I will. You see Me smiling because nothing is too great for Me. As the tide swells, as the mountain rises, my prophets, my people shall be lifted up and refreshed.”

May 4, 2010

America, Amiracle!

I went on a prayer walk this afternoon. I took a pen and paper and here are the words of of the Lord,

America, Amiracle! America, Amiracle! America, Amiracle! America, Amiracle! America, Amiracle!

“The sun is melting the winter snow. The rivers are swollen with fresh water. My sons and daughters shall prophesy many waters. They shall prophesy above the chitter chitter chatter of the world. How I hate such murmuring! Prophesy, sons and daughters! And My voice shall cover the chatter like many waters. In my waters are life and new birth and creation. Speak it out and drown the chatter!”

Immediately after I finished writing and put my pen and paper in my pack and started walking just a few feet, my dog started eating a small bone from a dead animal. I tried to tell her to drop the bone but she kept eating. In less than two minutes she started pawing at her nose, rubbing her face on the ground and whining. The bone was caught in her throat.

I felt the threat of fear but resisted that spirit. I opened her mouth and could not see the bone. So I stopped and laid hands on her and prayed a quick but emphatic prayer, “Lord, heal her! Heal her!” Then I opened her mouth as far as I could and stuck my index finger as far down her throat as possible, hoping to find the bone or else induce her to vomit to throw up the bone. She gagged and her teeth closed on my hand. But I opened her mouth wider and searched with my index finger deep in her throat. Then I saw the bone, it was lodged front to back, about 2 inches in length. I was able to get under one end of it and dislodge it and she coughed it out. My dog was obviously relieved, she lay down right in front of me as close to me as possible.

The fact this event happened immediately after the prophesy from the Lord made me ask what was the meaning. Here is what He said, “The bone is division. There are those who would put bones in the throats of my sons and daughters who prophesy. But they [sons and daughters] must pluck out the bones and prophesy boldly.”