August 15, 2017

Dow to 40,000

Since the Dow reached 22,000 per the January 28 prophecy, I have been open to prayer and listening to the Lord. I was surprised to see the number 40,000 for the Dow more than once. Obviously the Dow is going up from here if it will eventually get to 40,000. That does not mean there will not be dips and I am buying the dips. For example I bought in the recent pullback and I expect there will be more pullbacks.

I was very relaxed in prayer today and heard this little ditty:
"40,000 is not that high. You would think the US is touching the sky. With engines running the future will be an economy humming with prosperity."

There you have it, the future is bright. Much like many of the prophecies I've heard from the Lord before over the years.

I don't know about you but I'm entering a time of increased rest and peace and prosperity in Him. Yoking with Jesus and having the patience He does to wait on the Father, and having his loving attitude towards mankind I find is key. I'm obviously not even close to his Divine attitude, but I'm learning.  And as my soul prospers in Him, so the rest of my world prospers, including those around me for whom I pray. The Bible does counsel from glory to glory by his Spirit. I'm stopping to smell the roses with those I love and care for. The Rose of Sharon has a sweet, sweet aroma that can transport one onto it's redolent wafts and into that place of peace that passes understanding.  I wish you transcendent peace and prosperity.

Update as of August 17, 2017

I realize I didn't give a time frame because I don't have one other than years.  Today I bought some bullish market and sector ETFs on the dip.  You might put SPY, DIA, QQQ, and IWM on your watch list.  I expect to buy and hold 7-10 years.  There are double and triple market ETFs as well that you can research.  But please be aware double and triple market ETFs are designed for shorter term trading and have much greater volatility and what some people refer to as decay.  You should carefully research and understand the advantages but also the heightened risk and volatility of double and triple ETFs before you trade them.

Update as of February 2, 2018
The Dow fell 666 today.  Remember when the low on the S&P hit 666 on 3-6-2009.  Very interesting.  Here is my previous post about interesting numbers in the stock market: