December 24, 2010


This was given December 24 at about 1:30 am.

“Capitalism! Capitalism! The greed has overtaken you. When you return to a good day’s labor, to helping another, to fixing and growing and inventing and instilling and creating and climbing and bringing up that within your reach, then I will bless your coffers and pour out an abundance you cannot contain.

“I see your honest labor. I see you pour yourself out for another and receiving not enough. But I see and I will supplement what is in your hand in due time.

“My people are tired because they’re focused on the money. But do an honest day’s work. Work for someone and bless them with your good work. And see your soul will be filled. And I see. Yes I see. I will add all these things to you that you lack such that you will be refreshed again.

“I have hedged you in left, right, front and back so you cannot run away. You cannot escape the test. But I have set up the tests so you will pass! You are my prize students! Test for your benefit so you pass and excel, excel in The Way. Such is the way of a carpenter, I know, to make beautiful things people use. Or of a shepherd. Or of a servant and heaven-sent king. Give through working, through helping and it will be given to you good measure and pressed down to overflow in your bosom.

“Do not be so spiritual that they do not see a good worker, a good laborer, a good servant in their company or family or church.

“Go into the world and be my lights. Pour yourself out and see I refresh you as I pour Myself into you. That is how cups overflow, by pouring.”