October 19, 2010

"Come closer to Me"

“Signs and wonders will increase. But not all signs and wonders are from Me. The angel of light, Diablo, who divides your mind will have you look here and look there at that wonder, at that phenomenon.

“But my sheep will simply know My voice. If you do not know and trust My voice you will be tossed in the waves of look here and look there and consider this and consider that.

“I will tell you simply: what I speak to you in your quiet moments plainly and clearly is what you must trust. And my logos, my written Word will always reign and be your rudder when you sail rough seas. My rhema to you will be your secret. It is eternal. It is my truth for you. And my rhema word, if you cleave to it, will be your sail in My wind and it will carry your boat.

“But I will not give you signs. I will not always confirm with happenings. My rhema word is your clear, pure, uncontaminated water, your rhema sail in My wind. You must know My voice and you must trust what I speak to you in your quiet, private moments with Me.

“I have warned it will get more and more confusing and tempting to go here and there. More and more turmoil all about in My church. In returning and rest You will be saved and hear My voice. In quietness and confidence will be your strength and assurance that in due season your boat will reach its destination. Seek Me, in a quiet place in the Holy of Holies, where we will talk face to face.”

And about ten minutes later, while sitting and quietly worshipping on the same mountaintop, I had an awe-inspiring and much closer encounter, if you will, with our risen Lord, our Savior, our King. I am not saying He personally appeared to me. Rather, my spirit encountered much more intimately and with much deeper appreciation and worship His Person. I did perceive a luminous and glorious white light throughout the beautiful sky and a vision of His Person as well. Again, this was likely a vision, but it was very profound and magnificent to me:

“I am the Alpha and Omega, from the beginning of time before I created you to the end of time which has no end. I am the only Truth this world will come to know, the only Way to God, the Father whose light in fullness shines through Me, and the only Life which will satisfy your soul. Come to a quiet place and I will give you real drink, clean and pure. I will talk to you face to face if you will come to Me, Jesus Christ, the One who was and is and is to come. Come closer. Comer closer. And you will see that all you need to leave what is not Me... is Me. Come closer to Me.”