August 23, 2015

A Melting Candle & A Prick on the Finger

Regarding the stock market: in prayer this evening I saw the market falling a bit more, sharply, and pricking the index finger.  A big drop of blood came out of the finger but that was all.  I saw the market go down to about 16,200 but then I saw another number of 15,800.  I’m sorry I don’t have more clarity, but the DOW will decline to somewhere between 16,200 and 15,800.  Then I saw the pricked index finger smear a line upward on the DOW to about 16,800.  There will be a V-shaped recovery.  This is a very sharp correction, a sharp prick of the finger, but not a meltdown of the world economy.  And the DOW will eventually go to 20,000.  Eventually could be years, I don’t have the visibility now on timing of that.

On Aug 20 in prayer I saw parts of the economy to be like a lit candle slowly melting.  The wax melted slowly, not rapidly.  But once the wax melted, it was no more.  So it will be with some things.  They will melt and cease to exist.  However, as in the case of a candle, there is lovely, dancing candlelight burning as well.  So goodness and prosperity still shines despite that which might be melting. Look for the candlelight, look for the light, as the wax will melt.  Who wants wax anyway when you can have the dancing light of the candle?

None of what I am seeing is catastrophic.  Parts of the economy are in a slow melting.  The stock market is experiencing a bloody prick on the finger with a V-shaped recovery.  The light and dance of candlelight may be beheld by those who focus on it.  All in a day’s volatility.  Such is the world we now live in.  So why pay attention to the volatility as if it is more meaningful than it is?

That is all I have now.  I’m not sure I will be playing the market.  If I did, I believe I should be buying the SPY on Aug 27.  But I have not confirmed that sufficiently in prayer so I leave that up to you to pray about.

I haven’t been invested in or trading the market in a long time, thus the lack of posts on this subject.  My apologies, I have been enjoying my life and the Lord in the meantime.  And I have been focused on my business and personal relationships, both of which have been flourishing.  God is, of course, wonderful.

Update as of January 25, 2017

Following this prophecy on August 23, 2015, the market continued to drop sharply, like the pricking of a finger with a needle, to as low as 15,370 on August 25, 2015.  Between August 2015 to February 2016, the DOW double-bottomed in an approximate range from 15,700 to 16,500 before its ascent to 20,000.  Less than 2 years from this prophecy, "Dow Hits 20,000 for First Time in History"

August 4, 2015

September 15 - A time of Break Up, not Break Down

"September 15.  They have said September will be a time of break down.  I say it will be a time of break up.  A break up of ice sheets that have blocked your boat progressing.  A break up of old ways and old habits.  A break up of your mindset guiding you in circles.  A break up of other people’s mindsets guiding them in circles to obstruct you. I am breaking up log jams, set in the ways, status quo’s, impasses.  September 15 you will feel the relief, the fresh air, the open skies of your break up.  It’s not a break down, but a break up of that which has thwarted you.  Not all will be broken up, but major impasses will be broken up.   Watch.  It is a jubilee, it is a joy, it is a freedom to move and enjoy again.  Only acknowledge Me in your presence for what I have done for you."