September 29, 2009

DOW to approximately 12,000 by April 2010

I have prayed the last couple weeks about where the DOW will go from here. As I mentioned below, the DOW reached a high of 9917 on September 23, just 83 points from 10,000. Perhaps the precise price of 10,000 was not tagged in September but the DOW definitely approximated 10,000. The DOW didn't decline steeply in September, as many prophesied, and it also reached 10,000 well before year end. Mark Skousen, an economist, expected the DOW to reach 10,000 by year end (I learned of his secular forecast after I first prophesied the DOW to 10,000 in September). I am not aware of anyone who expected the DOW to be close to 10,000 in as early as September. So with the results that happened this month, I believe the Lord spoke clearly about the DOW to 10,000 as a September birthday present.

But now where do we go from here? The Lord has shown me repeatedly in prayer the last couple of weeks that the DOW will be at (I insert “approximately”) 12,000 by or in April 2010.

I also prayed about the stretch from now at approximately 10,000 in September to approximately 12,000 in April 2010 as I had twice seen several weeks ago a vision of black candlesticks swords trying to attack the DOW (sellers, short-sellers) in the range of 11,000. I believe the area between 10,000 and 12,000 in the approximate area of 11,000 might be a bit bumpy. But the Lord has also shown me in prayer that He will support the market through this stretch.

Also, I believe the "jump" the Lord stated about the hop-skip-and-jump from the market lows has now concluded. See my May 19 post, "The Lord is playing a hop, skip and jump game with the forces that took the S&P 500 to 666 on 3-6-9. “3-6-9” is the hint. The Lord says, “Watch the market hop, skip and jump.” The Lord showed the stock market has hopped (steeply) up from March 6 to March 23. It has skipped (along a more gently sloped rise) from March 23 to now [note as of 9-29-09, the "skip" lasted until July 10, 2009]. And it will jump up (a steeper rise) in the future to place the DOW at 10,000. Incredible? No :)"

Do I expect some modest corrections in the 5-10% range periodically? Yes. Do I expect a more severe correction of 20% or more? I do not, or else He is hiding it from me.

I wish you much, much prosperity in your investing so you may be a material as well as spiritual blessing to others.

Update as of October 14, 2009:
The DOW closed at 10,015 today. Maybe the "jump" part of the "hop, skip and jump" didn't conclude at the end of September as I believed. The DOW chart since the March lows certainly does have a hop, skip and jump pattern!

Update as of October 29, 2011:
The DOW reached 12,000 in mid January 2011, 9 months later than I had seen.  Either the Lord changed course or, more likely, I was off on my time frame.  However, the number and direction of the market overall was correct.

June 7, 2009

Obama & Bull Market Has Begun – An unusual word from the Lord

Here are the clear and brief words the Lord spoke to me which I am heeding:

“I am upset my children are attacking my man, Obama. Do they not remember their own dark places and I healed them? Do they not remember their own false thoughts and I showed them My truth?

“Do not criticize Obama, but pray.

“The bull market has begun. The cow market is no longer. The bear market is no longer. Watch what I do.

“My grace is deep, my love is deep for the world. Yes, even Muslims I love as only I can draw them. As Obama, who loves my son, does love Muslims. I will draw them.

“Watch what I do in the markets. Watch what I do in your hearts if you will yield to my goodness! My ways are not your ways although you may know Me. If your prayer has no love what is your prayer? You cannot begin to see what I will do to right wrongs. You are blind. My prophets have hidden themselves in caves and see calamity. They see the black widows on the walls. I will right wrongs. I will resurrect. My prophets eyes will hurt in the light, but they will see vast spaces. I will bring them out of hiding in caves. Because my lovingkindness exceeds the dark depths of the seas and the black depths of the night skies. Because I love - because I alone love - will I do these things. I am Jesus, yes, the Father, and yes, the One Who walks amongst you, so My ways may be known on this earth. Watch how you pray, do you love?”

Update as of October 29, 2011:
The DOW closed just under 10,000 on the date of this prophecy.  It rose fairly steadily with normal corrections to 11,200 on April 26, 2010.

May 19, 2009

The stock market will hop, skip and jump to 10,000

The Lord is playing a hop, skip and jump game with the forces that took the S&P 500 to 666 on 3-6-9. “3-6-9” is the hint. The Lord says, “Watch the market hop, skip and jump.” The Lord showed the stock market has hopped (steeply) up from March 6 to March 23. It has skipped (along a more gently sloped rise) from March 23 to now. And it will jump up (a steeper rise) in the future to place the DOW at 10,000. Incredible? No :-)

Why is the Lord showing and saying where He is taking the market? So Christians invest shrewdly, they make money, and they do great works on this earth to help establish the kingdom of God and His Christ (Revelations 12:10, Daniel 2:44)

Update as of October 14, 2009:
The DOW closed at 10,015 today.

April 28, 2009

DOW will go to 9200 by or in June

After my prayer walk today. I heard and repeated to make sure I had heard correctly today, "the DOW will be 9200 in or by June 2009".

Update as of July 30, 2009 at 7:00 am:
The DOW broke up through 9200 today, only one month later than when I prophesied on April 28, 2009 that it would happen by or in June 2009. Why the one month delay to July 2009? I either heard wrong or God changed His mind on timing.... Also, on May 19, 2009 He said there would be a “jump” in the market after the “hop” and “skip” were completed (it looks like the “jump” is happening this July 2009 and might take us to all the way to 10,000). More commentators and economists are saying we have turned the corner on the bear market and are in the beginning of a bull market as I heard from the Lord on June 7, 2009 and first on February 19, 2009.

March 30, 2009

Interesting numbers of the stock market

A few interesting coincidences in the DOW and S&P 500 index numbers.

On 9-29-08, the Dow fell 777 points, this was the big headlines and the big first crash of the bear market.

On 3-6-09 (the date is a once-twice-thrice or a hop-skip-and-jump, if you will) the S&P 500 closed on at an all-time low for the last decade at 666, the number of man.

On 3-23-09, less than three weeks after the DOW touched 666, the DOW closed way up at 777x (7776 if you round).

On 3-27-09 the Dow closed at 777x, (7776 if you round), the same as on 3-23-09 and just 21 days after the S&P closed at 666.

My interpretation is the S&P 500 at a low of 666 was a turning point.

My other interpretation is the DOW with 777x, shows the Lord’s number of perfection which is 7.

I am NOT into numbers in general. But as an old scientist who likes math and patterns, I find these patterns more than coincidence.

March 27, 2009

Stock market prophecy: "The shorts will lose their shorts!"

Many investors and traders are calling this rally a bear market rally or a short-covering ralling. In my prayer with the Lord He said, “The Dow was not supposed to go into the 6000s, the number of man. The short sellers dealt violently with my people, they dealt harshly. So I will deal violently and harshly with them! As the Dow went down violently, so I will raise it violently! I will raise the Dow to 8200 in April [rather than May]. I will raise it this [coming] month! The shorts will lose their shorts!!”

February 8, 2009

February 19, 2009 Prophecy DOW will go from 7200 to 8600, by May the DOW will be above 8200

I saw a long red candlestick stretching from the 7000’s on the DOW up 1000 to the 8000’s. It was the sword of the Lord, with blood and power. It was His color. On a stock chart it would show up as green. I knew His candlestick sword was invisible though, it was behind the scenes pushing up the DOW. Then I saw a half a dozen or so black candle stick swords coming in at angles from the left of the graph of the DOW trying to swipe the DOW down. They are demons, short sellers. The Lord showed me His Spirit will raise the DOW but slowly, over time this year, with different bases forming. 7500 now, although I also heard 7200. I thought November was 7200 but when I looked the low was 7449. Then 7800, 8200 and 8600. That retired people need restoration of the DOW. I did not sense the Dow will go into the 6000’s, the number of man. His mercy will prevail.

By June of 2009 I saw the economy will be warm. He will have applied intense heat. But intense heat on something frozen cold (the economy now) doesn’t make it hot right away, just warm. By May hope will be restoring as the DOW is above 8200.

Update as of October 29, 2011:
The DOW had been declining steeply, crashing from October 2008 to March 6, 2009.  On the date of this prophecy the DOW closed just under 7500, having fallen sharply from over 11,000 in September 2008.  On March 6, 2009 it reversed course. It rose to 7200 in mid March 2009, to 7800 in late March 2009, to 8200 in mid April 2009, and to 8600 in early May 2009.