December 23, 2011

His Irresistible Presence drawing many into the Kingdom

I have had a very profound experience with the Lord the last two days. His Presence has been so irresistible, so much like a peaceful spa, so full of love and kindness that all I have wanted to do is nothing but just experience being in Him, enveloped by Him, and hug Him back. To put it more simply, it’s likely being at Home and in Home and having His Home all around you. It’s another place than this world. A dwelling place full of peace and rest. A place of love not just for Him but immense love for others as well. A place of family. This is the true gift of Christmas, His coming to earth to make His home and resting place in human beings through the bounty of His Spirit which we simply receive and consume like food and drink into our beings through faith.
Then I became aware, as His Presence was so irresistible, comfortable, and loving that He is and will be drawing massive numbers of non-believers to Him. I was one of them, running away. Then one night He said, “You keep running away, We’ve missed you.” And waves of love and kindness overwhelmed me and I cried most of the night. I became an adorer of Jesus immediately. That night years ago I couldn’t read the pocketbook size King James Bible to figure out what happened to me. All I knew was I met Jesus, He wrapped His heart around my entire being and enveloped me into His love and I was a goner! Gone forever from the clutches of the silliness in this world and falling into His wondrous embrace of love. What happened that night gives new meaning to "falling in love." I did a free fall from all I knew and trusted in, all that had disappointed me, and fell into His warm ocean of kindness. Of course, after that I bought several different Bible versions so I could read and learn more. But that first night with my Creator brought me Home instantly. And I have never left Home since.

So it will be in the coming years for many, many, many, many. Many, many, many, many. Scores and scores and scores. Each and every child of God known and loved and called by Him and brought Home. The population of brothers and sisters finding family and Home will explode. The laughter will be immense. Don't children love to laugh? Let us laugh and celebrate! It's a family! It's Home!!

Waves and waves of His irresistible love and goodness, His palpable and heart-felt Presence.

The stiff in church will be shocked like the older brother who is jealous of the prodigal son who receives the lavish banquet celebrating his return. Or shocked like the laborers in the field who get the same wages, toiling all day in the hot sun, as those who start working at the very end of the day. God is truly that generous and that loving, and we sometimes forget that truth of His unquenchable and irresistible love. He can turn on the love faucet higher, the waves of love when He wants to. And He wants to. Even His Spirit fell on King Saul and Saul started acting like a drunkard and prophesying (1 Samuel 10). So it is when the Lord pours on the love through His Spirit. Yes, His love is always there. But there are times when He pours it on, like on Saul, and His Spirit falling in the upper room like fire (Acts 2). I can profoundly sense as well as see in 2012 the waves beginning of His irresistible love bringing many into His Kingdom – His Home - because that love is too pure, that goodness is too compelling, that Home is too comforting to resist. It is He who said, “on earth, as it is in heaven.” He desires to bring many into His Home here on earth.

Update as of February 17, 2012:
I have been feeling the love-drenched Presence of the Lord so heavily the last few weeks that many times during the day I will stop work and go outside to bask in His might and love and Presence and thank Him. I know this powerful anointing I have been feeling relates not to me but something much larger than me as I often spiritually and physically experience – live out, if you will – changes that are occurring especially in America. In speaking with another prophetic friend and trying to discern what I perceive and am peering into, I read this post to him starting at, “So it will be in the coming years for many, many, many, many.” The Presence of the Lord increased so strongly in and on me I could barely read, I was so completely caught up in His Spirit that it was if I was lifted into His “waves and waves of His irresistible love and goodness, His palpable and heart-felt Presence”. The best description is He lifted me into a place in Him where I lost contact with the ground and things in this world. All floated away like down feathers, beautiful to see but not tactile. I experienced a spiritual, an emotional, ecstasy of love, a love explosion pouring out from Him saturating all. I went outside to pray afterwards and to release this word of “His Irresistible Presence drawing many into the Kingdom” that will begin this year, 2012. May we all feel the lifting of Jesus’ wave of love, goodness and expansive kindness.  His compassionate and caring ecstasy will lift us higher in loving others and loving life He gave us.
Update as of February 19, 2012:
I believe Whitney Houston’s memorial service, the celebration of her and her going home to the Lord she loved dearly which was broadcasted by major networks over the world with stars also talking of her faith and their own love of the Lord, is marking the beginning of “His Irresistible Presence drawing many into the Kingdom”.  I also believe Lin-sanity – basketball phenomenon Jeremy Lin – giving credit to Jesus Christ for his stunning skills and winning streak that is exploding big smiles on so many including in China is also the beginning of “His Irresistible Presence drawing many into the Kingdom”.  I believe 2012 will be very, very different as I’ve blogged before.  God is loving, God is good, God is kind.  A child knows this about God.  Adults lose sense of the approachable and compassionate Jesus Christ who sat them on His knee and loved them.  Children understand who Jesus – God who walked on earth for a time – is.  Many, many, many, many are going to come back to that innocent understanding of Him, forgetting who we are and even forgiving our own pasts to see who He is.   His love will be so infectious, so intoxicating, that the stiff and ultra-religious will have jaw-dropping experiences.  I’m transparent on this blog.  You’ve seen where I’ve been too full of my own religiosity myself because “knowledge puffs up” according to the Bible.  I don’t hide it by editing it out.  But hopefully you will see the progression in how I’ve been blogging.  Thankfully because of Him, the prophesies have been almost all accurate despite my shortcomings needing growth.  I believe this particular prophesy, “His Irresistible Presence drawing many into the Kingdom,” is one of the most important prophesies to date.  Yes, the Dow will go to 14,000 (it is on its way with the DOW at about 13,000) and the economy will continue to warm and there will be positive changes in America’s leadership and there will be no European debt contagion to the US, as I have prophesied.  Even our national debt is not going to get out of control and create a devastating crash (see April 29, 2010).  But far more importantly, the waves and waves of God – of the Lord Jesus Christ and His kind face – will increase to overwhelm us and transform us all to appreciate Him just as children do.  2012 is going to be wonderful!! 


For 2012 I see the market continuing its progress towards the DOW at 14,000. Towards 14,000 is the overall trend upwards and longer than a year according to what I heard from the Lord. I also see continued volatility, as in 2011, with a major dip in the first few months of 2012. Beyond that is a bit of a blur but I see an overall gently-sloping and bumpy upward trend. It is still the Little Engine That Could market, chug, chug, chugging along.

Below please find a few past prophecies that remain alive for 2012 regarding no market crashes so no catastrophes or major bear market, the US will defy sovereign debt crises, sifting of political leaders and then business leaders, Dagon has fallen, etc.:

You will see many of my prophecies may conflict with other published prophecies out there, sometimes 180 degrees. For more on my views about conflicting prophecies:

Update as of February 1, 2013 10:30am: 
The January 3, 2011 “Dow to 14,000” prophecy was fulfilled today, the DOW reached 14,000.See:

Please understand that when this prophecy was given about two years ago, the Dow had closed at 11,577.  Also, it had not broken above 11,600 since before the crash in 2008.   Throughout 2011 and 2012, there were numerous naysayers predicting collapse of America’s economy into another recession or depression.  There were those predicting an unraveling of the world’s global economy.  Neither happened.  And the Dow did chug, chug, chug along like that little engine that could.  It rose an impressive 21% in just two years, just like the Lord said on January 3, 2011, “Watch 14,000. Not soon, longer than a year. But that little blue engine with a noble heart chugged, chugged, chugged on. So no catastrophic crashes, no flash floods in the market.”

Where from here?  On towards 15,000.  See my August 21, 2012 tweet, “A few days ago saw in a vision DOW going to 15K after 14K. As approached 15K, sharp drop like a knife to ~12K. Saw same vision again today.” Also see my December 12, 2012 blog post:

I need to add that based on current, somewhat fuzzy visions I have of the Dow after it approaches 15,000 (please know it may not reach 15,000 but will be close), it will drop to the 13,000s and maybe not to the 12,000s.  I don’t have clarity on the extent of the drop.  However, it will be a sharp and strong correction.

Update as of April 15, 2013 11:30 am:  
I realize I was not clear in saying the DOW may correct into the 13,000s rather than into the 12,000s.  What I saw in the initial 2 repetitive visions 8 months ago in August 2012 (when the DOW was about 13,300) was a sharp correction into the 12,000s after the DOW approaches 15,000.  But later, after prayer, my understanding was it may correct into the low 13,000s instead, thus below 13,500.  The DOW rose to within 113 points of 15,000 a few days ago on April 11, 2013.  Based on the two August 2012 visions of the DOW approaching 15,000 and then sharply correcting, the correction might happen any day now.  Of course, the DOW may level out for a couple weeks before it sharply corrects, I do not know.  My gut feel based on the original repetitive visions in August 2012 and subsequent prayer the last few months (please know this part is not prophecy but my gut feel after prayer) is the DOW will correct to the range of 12,800 to 13,400.

Update as of July 31, 2013 1:00 pm:
The knife-life drop in the stock market which I saw and anticipated did not happen. So I believe the vision I saw was not from the Lord but from my imagination. We all have imagination. Differentiating between seeing through the filter of our imagination and seeing what the Lord sees through the pure vision from His Spirit takes spiritual sensitivity and discernment. Unless we are perfect, we make mistakes as I did. Making a mistake is an opportunity to do what is more important: seeking first intimacy with Him and love of others, which is His kingdom. In the clarity and quiet stillness of His Spirit, we will see, hear, and understand all He wants us to know and move beyond mistakes.