January 28, 2017

Appreciate President Trump

“2, 4, 6, 8, who do you appreciate?  If you don’t appreciate President Trump, you will miss the reason the Dow will be going to 22,000.  If you don’t appreciate President Trump, you aren’t crying for the millions of slaughtered unborn but are detached from their cries.  If you don’t appreciate President Trump, the grip of fear has darkened your heart with its cloud.

Didn’t you see Candidate Trump bow his head and humble his heart and submit to prayers with laying on of hands more than once?  Did you see Candidate Secretary Clinton last year submit to laying on of hands?  Judge with the Spirit, not your head.

Do you now hear President Trump say he’s an environmentalist but believes the “environment” has been used to stop growth, implying the environment was not in jeopardy as others claim?  Or have you plugged your ears saying he’s an environmental rapist?

Do you really believe he wants millions to suffer or die without health care?  Or do you believe he wants a solution that covers as many as affordably as possible?  Unplug your ears and know there are no easy answers.  And the pat answer that injures others is not the right answer.
The news is filled with flurries of ashen debris.  Ashes and embers from a dying past.  I said it before, the economy as you know is dying, that candle has almost melted and the flame will be snuffed out.

The bright sun is shining.   Light borne in the glory of My people who are dusting off the volcanic ashes spewed on them by years of cerebral progress with no Spirit.  Have you not read about My servants of the past?  How I use liars, murderers, and pagans to accomplish My means to answer the supplications of My people?  President Trump is not a pagan.  President Trump is willing to fight for that which is not popular with ash-spewing mouths.  Do you choose to be blessed or be in fear?  It is your choice.  I am answering prayers, if you pray with Me and not against Me.  The sun is bright indeed.  Do you dare to break from the ash-spewing mouths all across the news and social media?  Do you dare speak for My man, yes, My man, President Trump?  Do you dare support him, appreciate him, and pray for him?  If you question what I am saying through Sierra, pray to Me and I will answer.  I will show you where you have fear, and where you must trust Me with respect to President Trump.  I want to lift up My people and give them refreshing life as I want to lift up the unborn and give them their lives that they can’t speak for.”

Update as of 8/15/2017:

On January 28 the prophecy was, "If you don't appreciate President Trump, you will miss the reason the Dow will be going to 22,000."  The market stunned many with how quickly it climbed to 22,000, which it reached on August 2.