September 29, 2009

DOW to approximately 12,000 by April 2010

I have prayed the last couple weeks about where the DOW will go from here. As I mentioned below, the DOW reached a high of 9917 on September 23, just 83 points from 10,000. Perhaps the precise price of 10,000 was not tagged in September but the DOW definitely approximated 10,000. The DOW didn't decline steeply in September, as many prophesied, and it also reached 10,000 well before year end. Mark Skousen, an economist, expected the DOW to reach 10,000 by year end (I learned of his secular forecast after I first prophesied the DOW to 10,000 in September). I am not aware of anyone who expected the DOW to be close to 10,000 in as early as September. So with the results that happened this month, I believe the Lord spoke clearly about the DOW to 10,000 as a September birthday present.

But now where do we go from here? The Lord has shown me repeatedly in prayer the last couple of weeks that the DOW will be at (I insert “approximately”) 12,000 by or in April 2010.

I also prayed about the stretch from now at approximately 10,000 in September to approximately 12,000 in April 2010 as I had twice seen several weeks ago a vision of black candlesticks swords trying to attack the DOW (sellers, short-sellers) in the range of 11,000. I believe the area between 10,000 and 12,000 in the approximate area of 11,000 might be a bit bumpy. But the Lord has also shown me in prayer that He will support the market through this stretch.

Also, I believe the "jump" the Lord stated about the hop-skip-and-jump from the market lows has now concluded. See my May 19 post, "The Lord is playing a hop, skip and jump game with the forces that took the S&P 500 to 666 on 3-6-9. “3-6-9” is the hint. The Lord says, “Watch the market hop, skip and jump.” The Lord showed the stock market has hopped (steeply) up from March 6 to March 23. It has skipped (along a more gently sloped rise) from March 23 to now [note as of 9-29-09, the "skip" lasted until July 10, 2009]. And it will jump up (a steeper rise) in the future to place the DOW at 10,000. Incredible? No :)"

Do I expect some modest corrections in the 5-10% range periodically? Yes. Do I expect a more severe correction of 20% or more? I do not, or else He is hiding it from me.

I wish you much, much prosperity in your investing so you may be a material as well as spiritual blessing to others.

Update as of October 14, 2009:
The DOW closed at 10,015 today. Maybe the "jump" part of the "hop, skip and jump" didn't conclude at the end of September as I believed. The DOW chart since the March lows certainly does have a hop, skip and jump pattern!

Update as of October 29, 2011:
The DOW reached 12,000 in mid January 2011, 9 months later than I had seen.  Either the Lord changed course or, more likely, I was off on my time frame.  However, the number and direction of the market overall was correct.