April 15, 2013

Clear as a bell, enemy's mouth shut for a season

“Blow, blow, blow!  I am blowing away the confusion.  I am blowing away the despair.  I am blowing away the taunts of the enemy, the whispers in your ears, so you will have the mind of Christ, you will hear My voice clearly.  Clear as a bell!  Clearer than ever!  No longer will the enemy jeer and taunt and whisper, I have shut his mouth!  You will see where I am going so you may be the sons of the Most High and do exactly as I am doing.  You will go where I am going.  You will be in lock step with Me.  Yes, you have desired this all along.  You have labored and prayed and suffered because the enemy has whispered confusion and tried to trip you.  But he will be restrained for a season in your life, I will restrain him!  Your mind will be clear as a bell in My liberty.  You will taste the mind of Christ, the mind of My Spirit which I have given you, that is so refreshing, like the crisp sunny air in spring.  You haven’t experienced such clear and light freshness since a child.  Clean and light, like that of a child.

The enemy has attacked today, he has bombed.  Enough!!  This is not the beginning but the end of him for a season!  He will be crushed.  No more!!  I want to save and liberate!!  Set the captives free!!!  Set My captives free!!!  Clear as a bell, your minds will know My thoughts!  My thoughts for good and blessing and not for harm!  A bruised reed I will not break but set it upright.  You will hear My voice clear as a bell!  No more, I quiet his mouth!  I am shutting the mouth of his whispering in your ears for a season, of his accusing you.  Clear as bell, so you shall hear Me!  Every one of you!  Set My captives free!  Go set them free!!  Heal the maimed and injured!  Freely you have been given, freely give!  Even pray that that which have been cut off, limbs which have been cut off, shall be restored and attached.  Don’t look away, it is gruesome, but pray.  Did I not heal the ear cut off?  Clear as a bell, you know My heart and My heart is of love and tenderness.  Clear as a bell, fresh as a daisy, clean as a child, so is your mind I have given you!  Your mind in Me will move mountains!  Not because you move them, but because I have moved the mountains when you simply see as I see and simply hear as I hear!  Don’t struggle, I’ve shut the enemy’s mouth for a season in your life, he is to let My children go and no longer accuse and confuse.  All is clear as a bell!”