May 19, 2009

The stock market will hop, skip and jump to 10,000

The Lord is playing a hop, skip and jump game with the forces that took the S&P 500 to 666 on 3-6-9. “3-6-9” is the hint. The Lord says, “Watch the market hop, skip and jump.” The Lord showed the stock market has hopped (steeply) up from March 6 to March 23. It has skipped (along a more gently sloped rise) from March 23 to now. And it will jump up (a steeper rise) in the future to place the DOW at 10,000. Incredible? No :-)

Why is the Lord showing and saying where He is taking the market? So Christians invest shrewdly, they make money, and they do great works on this earth to help establish the kingdom of God and His Christ (Revelations 12:10, Daniel 2:44)

Update as of October 14, 2009:
The DOW closed at 10,015 today.