May 9, 2010

New word about the DOW

Here is a word that came to me, flowing like a new song, last night, Saturday night, at about midnight:

“Child, 12 is the number of governance, the 12 apostles, the 12 tribes of Israel. On May 12 I will govern the DOW. The storm will be over. The sun will be out. You must be invested by May 12. Look for the DOW to dip again....

“Command the market, daughter. My sons and daughter have a right to command. Yes, I have told them to command. Only then shall the mountain move.

“A new mountain shall arise, the DOW, yes, is resilient because you, yes and others, command. It is my pleasure to answer. You think I won’t but I will. You see Me smiling because nothing is too great for Me. As the tide swells, as the mountain rises, my prophets, my people shall be lifted up and refreshed.”