September 16, 2010

American political and business leaders judged… not America… celebrate!

I went for my prayer walk today and the Lord made it clear many prophets, pastors and church leaders are misinterpreting events in America like hurricanes, earthquakes, 9-11 and the great recession. They are assuming America is being judged or at least seriously chastised. "It is not all America," says the Lord, “But I am judging America’s leaders. Those who are arrogant, those who are lofty and exalt themselves above Me shall be humbled. Yes I have sent signs and warnings. But have not my own children prospered in this period? Have they not had sufficient? Would I punish my children and those who turn to Me and rely on Me? Judge correctly yourselves! Would I not be a foolish God to reject those I love? Those who love me? Judge correctly yourselves! I am shifting and shaking and changing the status quo, just as I said. First the political leaders. Then the business leaders. Because the business leaders have escaped and hidden behind their brothers in the plotting, the political leadership. The business leaders lurk in the shadows hoping not to be seen and caught. Ha! Ha! I see them! And I shall snatch them as they try to slip away to other countries, slip their money away to secret places. I shall expose one, two, three of them. High profile so you will know I don’t let the guilty escape. And two, yes two in high and lofty places, two who in hidden chambers are scheming the one world government shall die. Yes, one, two shall die in the next two years and you shall read of them. So stop mourning for America. Take up your tambourines! Take up your flutes! Sing and dance because a new day of victory for righteousness and restoration is upon you!!”

The Lord has prompted me to repost His April 29, 2010 word:

“The USA shall defy the sovereign debt crises. The USA shall be immune from the contagion. Yes, I see the ballooning debt, ballooning like a gargantuan bubble gum bubble. But there shall not be a market crash! Have I not said I will support the market? Have I not said my people are in America’s companies? Have I not said I am restoring the finances of my people? Do you think I am one to trick and say, “Just kidding!”? Do not think I will trick you!

“Do not be waffling in the wind, child. The winds are blowing stronger and stronger. The earth cries out for My rising glory. The earth cries out for My sons and daughters to arise into their fullness and take control of the elements. My sons and daughters shall have dominion. There is clapping in the winds. There is rejoicing of the earth even in the storms. Turn off the news. Listen [to the news] but don’t keep listening. Tune your radio to heaven. There are songs in heaven my children must bring to earth.

“The tea partiers are coming over on the Mayflower. They are carrying May flowers of peace, flowers of my Prince of Peace. They shall tip and topple established ways through flowers of Peace. They strike with a flower. Ah, what a mighty flower! You have not seen anything like it since the 1960’s flower children. A movement of change.”