January 2, 2011

DOW to 14,000, a Rich Man

“One more word, child. You have noticed the economy warmed as I said. The Dow is rising to 12,000 as I said. So hear this, the bears and those crying wolf want the sky to fall, a disastrous event, a retribution with fire from heaven. But hear this, I breathe life, I breathe life, I breathe life that my children who have suffered the fire might shine like bright gold. Oh, and yes! The Dow will chug, chug, chug along like that little engine that could. I think it can, I know it can! Watch 14,000. Not soon, longer than a year. But that little blue engine with a noble heart chugged, chugged, chugged on. So no catastrophic crashes, no flash floods in the market. How boring! Grace falls like dew from the sky. But be aware and on guard. The word for you, Sierra, is treasure the maturity learned in affliction. Lessons are a greater treasure than portfolios. A man’s worth is not measured in dollars. Where your heart is, there your treasure is. Job was a rich man indeed, a very rich man. His heart saw me.”

Update as of January 3, 2011 9:30 am
A friend contacted me and wanted to know if there were any other impressions or thoughts regarding the word I received for 2011 since some other big name prophets are predicting disaster for the second half of 2011. Here is what I wrote back:

“There is no inside scoop on the word. I have been carrying the future 14,000 in my spirit for over a year, but last night was the time to release it since the Lord gave me that second word about 2011 right before I was shutting down my computer. I purposely did not read one single prophetic word, either on IWI, Elijah List or anywhere else, about 2011 before I heard from the Lord myself. Then I was curious and read some of the words posted on IWI. I saw the catastrophe words for the second half of 2011. I thought, oh boy, here we go again, as I’m used to being the lone contrarian to other “prophetic voices”. But if those prophecies don’t come to pass, were they actually prophecies? Were those voices actually prophetic voices? I wonder why people keep listening to prophetic voices that are either vague or wrong?

“I speak to the heavenlies – not to people although a handful have stumbled on my blog - and that has been my job since early 2009. It is very important the word be spoken and the heavenlies hear.”

Please know I am standing-my-ground in upholding with my words that which the Lord has shown me. I continue to stand in the gap for America and am immensely appreciative of God’s mercy and grace. I find it sad that in 2009 and 2010 I was not aware of single prophetic voice that agreed with the Lord’s bullishness for our stock market and economy. Maybe there was one, I don’t read many prophecies, but to my knowledge there was not a single, specific bullish voice about America’s economy and the stock market when the Lord first spoke to me. Please know there will be corrections and bumps in the road, that is normal and you don’t need a prophet to say that will happen because it will. Life is never smooth. But He did say, “no catastrophic crashes, no flash floods in the market.” I slept very well last night and am really looking forward to 2011. But please know His message for 2011 is about the treasure of His kingdom within, not about the market. No man can take that treasure from you if you protect it. This is the verse I last read before I went to sleep, “a good man out of the good treasure of his heart brings forth good things.” Matthew 12:35 (NKJV). May good things spring forth in 2011 out of the good treasures in the hearts of many Americans. Such is the kingdom of God.

Update as of February 1, 2013 10:30am: 

The January 3, 2011 “Dow to 14,000” prophecy was fulfilled today, the DOW reached 14,000.

Please understand that when this prophecy was given about two years ago, the Dow had closed at 11,577.  Also, it had not broken above 11,600 since before the crash in 2008.   Throughout 2011 and 2012, there were numerous naysayers predicting collapse of America’s economy into another recession or depression.  There were those predicting an unraveling of the world’s global economy.  Neither happened.  And the Dow did chug, chug, chug along like that little engine that could.  It rose an impressive 21% in just two years, just like the Lord said on January 3, 2011, “Watch 14,000. Not soon, longer than a year. But that little blue engine with a noble heart chugged, chugged, chugged on. So no catastrophic crashes, no flash floods in the market.”

Where from here?  On towards 15,000.  See my August 21, 2012 tweet, “A few days ago saw in a vision DOW going to 15K after 14K. As approached 15K, sharp drop like a knife to ~12K. Saw same vision again today.” Also see my December 12, 2012 blog post:

I need to add that based on current, somewhat fuzzy visions I have of the Dow after it approaches 15,000 (please know it may not reach 15,000 but will be close), it will drop to the 13,000s and maybe not to the 12,000s.  I don’t have clarity on the extent of the drop.  However, it will be a sharp and strong correction.

Update as of April 15, 2013 11:30 am:  
I realize I was not clear in saying the DOW may correct into the 13,000s rather than into the 12,000s.  What I saw in the initial 2 repetitive visions 8 months ago in August 2012 (when the DOW was about 13,300) was a sharp correction into the 12,000s after the DOW approaches 15,000.  But later, after prayer, my understanding was it may correct into the low 13,000s instead, thus below 13,500.  The DOW rose to within 113 points of 15,000 a few days ago on April 11, 2013.  Based on the two August 2012 visions of the DOW approaching 15,000 and then sharply correcting, the correction might happen any day now.  Of course, the DOW may level out for a couple weeks before it sharply corrects, I do not know.  My gut feel based on the original repetitive visions in August 2012 and subsequent prayer the last few months (please know this part is not prophecy but my gut feel after prayer) is the DOW will correct to the range of 12,800 to 13,400.

Update as of July 31, 2013 1:00 pm:
The knife-life drop in the stock market which I saw and anticipated did not happen. So I believe the vision I saw was not from the Lord but from my imagination. We all have imagination. Differentiating between seeing through the filter of our imagination and seeing what the Lord sees through the pure vision from His Spirit takes spiritual sensitivity and discernment. Unless we are perfect, we make mistakes as I did. Making a mistake is an opportunity to do what is more important: seeking first intimacy with Him and love of others, which is His kingdom. In the clarity and quiet stillness of His Spirit, we will see, hear, and understand all He wants us to know and move beyond mistakes.