April 8, 2012


I received this word the very end of March and was not going to post it because it was so unusual.  Because of the Dagon being toppled word which, after speaking with a friend today, may mean the Lord is bringing down some political systems or political agendas this year in America, I thought I would post.

“Soros, Soros, will you continue to lift your head above the Most High?  Will you break the back of fellow citizens and neighbors?  Will you break the spines of countries?  Are you so surprised money and intrigue could do such a thing?

“I have left wealth and power and position in your hands and what have you done?  Are you like a king who prospers My people?  No!  You are like the heartless who rule with an iron glove and butter smiles.  Repent!  Or your length of days will be cut short for the sake of My people.  I see their suffering from your whims and fantasies.  You are like the Wizard of Oz pulling pulleys behind the curtain.  Repent!  Or your days will be cut short by natural cause.  I say this so you know that I, the Lord, have spoken and not man.  Repent and see My Son and I will receive you after your length of days.  There is time for you to change your heart, but not much time if you do not change.”