August 4, 2015

September 15 - A time of Break Up, not Break Down

"September 15.  They have said September will be a time of break down.  I say it will be a time of break up.  A break up of ice sheets that have blocked your boat progressing.  A break up of old ways and old habits.  A break up of your mindset guiding you in circles.  A break up of other people’s mindsets guiding them in circles to obstruct you. I am breaking up log jams, set in the ways, status quo’s, impasses.  September 15 you will feel the relief, the fresh air, the open skies of your break up.  It’s not a break down, but a break up of that which has thwarted you.  Not all will be broken up, but major impasses will be broken up.   Watch.  It is a jubilee, it is a joy, it is a freedom to move and enjoy again.  Only acknowledge Me in your presence for what I have done for you."