January 26, 2020

Fear vs. Being Immersed in God’s Love

Fear is a horrible power over the human soul. Fear that God will be like our parents punishing us or withholding love that is so desperately needed by us. Fear God will leave us to fend for ourselves. Fear that makes our inner man bend over and cower and think life will remain hard. Fear is so horrible it actually separates us from the love of God. When we accept fear we reject the fullness of the love of God for us. But when we reject fear, we accept the fullness of the love of God for us. Almost all of our struggles and sins have a root in fear. Jesus took fear very very seriously and kept saying fear not fear not, He gives peace, fear not fear not, He gives peace.

I'm just now aware when Jesus wondered if there would be faith on earth it is not just faith in that God is God but faith in God being immensely loving and willing to answer our prayers that are in agreement with his loving and kind Person. There is so little faith on earth in God being immensely loving. There is so little, so little faith on earth in God being immensely loving.

Our greatest act of faith is to spend the time daily until we grow in the knowledge of God's love and goodness and facing it to see and experience His full love, such an immense fullness of love. Our daily walk is to reject fear and keep returning and seeing God for who He really is as expansively loving. It can't be half way, we can't just say, "oh yeah He's loving," no, we must actually accept and become immersed in that incredible love because in that process we are then changed into his likeness and become more loving ourselves and then do that to others. We can have far more love for others then.

Love covers a multitude of sin the Bible says. There is a reason why. It is why a little light can shine in deep darkness and illuminate it. A little true love of God can cover and melt away a multitude of sin. How much more a lot of love will transform not just you but the world around you?

The apostle John who kept saying he was the one who Jesus loved was the apostle of love. He couldn't get enough of God's' love. He walked in that love. Will there be such faith on earth? Those who are willing to have such faith in God's immense and limitless love will draw close to that love, immerse themselves in His love and, most importantly, allow themselves to be transformed in that love.