June 30, 2011

"A time of great outpouring of My Spirit"

 I had packed up my computer and gone out into my garden to thank the Lord for this last blog post update and to pray. I was filled with the Spirit and started thanking Him for the liberty in America. And then I asked Him to bless every single man, woman and child in America who places their trust wholly in Him. As I write this I feel His Spirit so heavy on and in me, the anointing is so strong. “There will be a breakthrough,” the Lord says, “there will be a breakthrough for every single citizen of America who is a citizen of heaven. My economy is not the world’s with its systems and manipulations. My economy breaks through the walls of worry. My economy is the engine of all engines. Cast all your cares on Me because I care for you and will never let you drown. You will swim, yes, swim with great bold strokes of joy in the sunlight. You won’t feel the chill of the waters. You won’t care there are sharks in the water. You will swim and swim in the deep waters of my Spirit because I alone will uphold. Go to Ezekiel and understand this. This is a time of a great outpouring of my Spirit. I will honor Kim Clement. You must give honor where it is due. There are those who swim and swim and swim against the tide. They have been betrayed. Friends have left them. Family counts them losers. But you, you, you, all of you, shall be catapulted into a new place of glory because I am doing a great work! Rejoice because your time of glory and joy, yes, joy you have lost, is upon you! Swim!! Swim!! Swim!! Swim!! My waters are rising!!”

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