August 21, 2011

“Watch the stock market revive. The economy is warm and not cold."

“‘Confidence! Confidence! We have no confidence!’ Cries and cries, I have heard them all,” says the Lord. “Why when the winds blow and the earth shakes and I have said it will blow and blow but do not lose heart and yet you lose heart? See? Winds don’t blow forever. This too shall pass.

“Watch the stock market revive. The economy is warm and not cold. I told you no contagion. Do you not trust? Hear a good report. See My right hand of redemption. I do not steal, kill and destroy. But I prune. I clip, clip, clip with my shears to remove the dead wood. Speak life! See my redemption! Will you allow me to prune? Why do you worry? Winds will blow worry into your heart, or you can blow worry away and stand. Pray like Moses prayed. Pray like Daniel prayed. Walk like Enoch walked. Usher in My kingdom and strong arm with your praises and prayer and I will answer. You will see great and mighty miracles. Do you no longer believe in miracles because you watch the winds and feel the earth quake? I am looking for those who will climb a stairway to heaven in boldness and bring down treasures for this nation. Call to Me with righteous prayers and I will answer you,” says the Lord.

Update as of August 23, 2011 4:45 pm: I just became aware of Hurricane Irene this morning, was moved and prayed there would not be much loss of life, if any. I didn’t think there was any link with August 21's prophecy until I learned of an unusual earthquake this afternoon (about 2pm Eastern Daylight Time) on the east coast that even shook our nation’s capital and was felt in Wall Street:

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Update as of October 29, 2011:
On the date of this prophecy the DOW was basing after a sharp correction and closed ~10,800. Much fear was in the news about Greece and the risk of sovereign debt default and contagion to the global economy including America. As of the date of this update, a great deal of confidence has been restored regarding containment of the Greek and European situation. In response, the DOW rose as much as 400 points on October 27, 2011.  The DOW closed this week ~12,200, approximately 13% and 1400 points higher than the date of this prophecy.