November 20, 2020


 I heard the Lord's voice, soft and gentle this morning.

“Those [not all] who place their trust in Me are also spending more time listening to others than to Me. I have told several that I talk to face-to-face, like Moses talked to me face-to-face, that Donald Trump will serve a second term as the President of the United States. I have told several including you that the fraud and evil and corruption in these elections will be exposed by truth. If I say it without condition it will come to pass. Prayer [on this matter] is so they be strengthened within themselves about what I have said and to be one in spirit with their brothers and sisters in this fight for light and truth. Prayer [on this matter] is not so much for Me as it is for my children to be strengthened in their faith about what I desire and will accomplish, without condition. And for my children to be in one spirit with the attorneys and others fighting for this country. I will be exposing the evil. The teams of lawyers have exceptional courage and faith as you have witnessed.  Prayer is so you lift yourself up out of doubt and into my heaven on earth realm.

“This is truth and it is not conditional: President Trump will serve a second term because election fraud will be exposed.

“You have wondered what will happen to my children who do not believe this truth I have said. I am God of mercy and love. They hurt themselves by not entering into all my kingdom on earth has to offer. When you believe My truth and pray my truth, you will be prospered.  Your soul will prosper.  Your relationships will prosper because you have My peace and strength.  Your pocketbook will prosper because that is My pleasure to prosper you for praying, standing, and believing the truth that election fraud will be exposed.”

After I heard this I thanked the Lord and said, “I believe.”