September 11, 2021


"Soon, those who slumber will be shaken awake.

"Soon, a serpent’s bite will be fatal.  Stay away.  Stand.

"And soon, what you thought was, is not, and never was.

"Those who seek truth will find it and live unto Me.  Their pastures will be well-watered.  Peace will abound in their land.  Soon.

"And soon, those who are lulled to sleep by lies and lullabies of the prince of the air, will hang their head in shame and sorrow.  Their souls will be afflicted with confusion, with delusion being unmasked.  By grace they shall be snatched from the arms of the enemy, but they shall be naked and shiver in shame.

"I shall heal them, those that slumbered in the fog of delusion.  Great is My mercy. 

"Soon there will be a shaking so only My elect ones will not shudder.  Instead, My elect ones will shout with joy because they know, they perceive, they see the truth.  They see My rod and staff gathering My flock to safety.  They see My warriors, My elect ones, crack the dams the prince of the air has constructed to wall off and inflict drought.  The flood waters released will be great.  There will be great rejoicing.  I will not be mocked.  These are My elect ones and I AM with them.

"By December of this year.  Soon."