August 29, 2011

"The power of man will be inside her"

I am listening much more this year to Kim Clement's prophecies. I am aware of his prophecy that this is a year of woman. I believe the following is related to that prophecy, which I received this afternoon on a prayer hike.

"There is a new creature arising. She will wear pretty clothes. Grace will be on her lips. But the power of man will be inside her. A fire burns in her heart. She will take back that which has been stolen from her. I will do this thing and press into her bosom four times that which was stolen. She will no longer be humbled and low before man, her brother, her husband. But she will step into her own great inheritance. And her husband, her brother will admire her. And her children will call her blessed. You will know this is true when it comes to pass." says the Lord.

Update as of October 29, 2011:
Royal daughters no longer will have to go to the back of the queue when it comes to the line of succession in Britain. After centuries of sexism, Commonwealth leaders agreed Friday Oct 28, 2011 to the rule change that means if Prince William and Catherine have a female child first, she can now inherit the throne. Please see this great event after centuries of bias refers to royal daughters in the secular world. Watch the same occur in God's Kingdom.

I have a feeling, simply a feeling, William's and Catherine's first child will be a girl.