October 5, 2011

Peace-filled Defiance

The Lord woke me two nights ago that this year [beginning with Rosh Hashanah] is the year of peace-filled Defiance. We have entered this new season. Those who live completely in Jesus’ purchase of us by His blood, those who know our uprightness doesn't have anything to do with our good behavior or works but is attributed to us solely through Jesus' shining perfection, will be led by His peace and voice and, thus, become inseparable partners in revealing His mighty, miracle-working, dunamis power on earth. This understanding of us in Christ and Christ in us - one spirit born in humility and faith, transcending the grips of this world like a freely rising dove from glory to glory - will unleash the latter day supernatural power and toppling of the enemy's edifices that Jesus' own are seeking. In this place where we have the mind of Christ and not our own, there is stalwart, confident, prayerful, peace-filled Defiance in the face of the enemy's constructions.

Peace-filled Defiance couples with the humble and trusting Rest learned in the testing and trials that many have been experiencing.

“Are you a king in the cave [like David]? Are you a prime minister in the prison [like Joseph]?

“I created who you are. Do not lose sight of who you are in Me. You must know who you are in Me. You must know. David knew. Joseph knew. Moses knew. But they lived in tight cocoons at first, unable to expand their wings and fly in My might. David spent years persecuted and hiding. Joseph spent years as a lowly servant and in prison. Moses spent years tending sheep and not people. When you fly you will fly only for Me and in Me and not be caught in the spider web of this world. Stay separate from the world. Do not be of the world. You will be tempted and have envy seeing the world fattening its belly with delights you want to taste until you have no more envy. Separation can be painful until you experience what I have prepared for you. You have never been separated like this. You will taste of My table and see it is the most succulent.”

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